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Commonly Made Video Poker Mistakes

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When you decide to give the video poker games a try there are some quick eye-opening pointers that can assure you success. Video poker, as you know by now, is a game of skill. You may be a lucky person, but save it for roulette. The first and most important mistake to avoid is to sit and play video poker with luck in mind.

A solid strategy is very easy to learn and implement and learning the strategy for the video poker variation you prefer is the brain-bending fun of the game. Don't get me wrong, it's not rocket science, but there are simple, intermediate and the "optimal" strategies that you can learn to increase your odds over the house.

Another mistake that is easy and important to avoid is choosing the wrong video poker for you. With several variations available to you, there are some considerations to take into account. Jacks or Better is the most pervasive option, but the Deuces or Better game may be a better bet for you with a higher potential payout.

Video poker also has progressive jackpot options. If you are feeling lucky and skilled then consider the advantages of the progressive jackpot video poker. Once the jackpot has grown to a large enough number, the house advantage dips back into the players favor. Make sure that you are playing the game that is in the jackpot pool and you are playing the "max coins" to be in the contest.

Understanding the avoidable mistakes make your video poker experience entertaining and enjoyable. If you are ready to try out your knowledge and skills then get in and get going! Remember all of the study and planning you have done ad play video poker with an eagle eye and clear head.

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