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The advent and explosion on online casinos have changed the face of gaming. Poker has always been in the news in forums and on the tip of everyone's tongue. If you have ever sat in a live poker game and then compared it to an online game, the differences are significant. Video poker, however, is a pretty special game. It is unique for several important reasons.

A popular favorite in the casinos since the 1970s, there has been a steady appreciation for this game ever since. Video poker is one game that you can play in the casino and have the same feeling online. If you love the buzz and noise around the craps table, then the online blackjack table may seem boring to you. Video poker, however, is a solitary game of skill and there is nothing lost by playing it online.

Wherever you choose to play video poker, it is important to check on the payout percentages. The range varies from around 98% to just over 100% returns. All of these payouts depend on which video poker game that you choose and the online casino's individual differences. While the numbers used to be standard across the board, it is a good idea to be sure before you pay to play.

One other difference that you will find between live and online video poker are the general advantages exist in the online casinos. Online casinos are very generous with their bonuses and promotions. Use the bonus offers to play longer with the casino's money. Also tutorials online are a free way to learn the basic rules and strategy. These tutorials are a great way to develop a strong method which is so important when playing for your optimal odds in video poker.

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