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House Edge in Video Poker

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"The house always wins"? That is what we always hear, but it is not the whole story. There are only a handful of games that exist among the hundreds that you can win with any degree of regularity. One of these very special games that you can take the house advantage to zero is video poker. However, all video poker games are not equal, so you must exert great care when choosing your machine.

The first thing that you simply must do is become a winner over the house is to perfect your video poker strategy. Video poker may look like a slots game from the outside, but it is completely a game of skill.

Another crucial element to consider when choosing a way to win over the house is to consider the progressive slots. Once the progressive jackpot has reached a certain threshold, a game's potential payout rate is over 100%.

So you have studied and practiced your very best video poker strategy and ready give it a go. Which variation will you choose? The favorite variation of "Jacks or Better" played with that optimal strategy gives you a payout potential of 99.54%. Try out the "Deuces Wild" with a simple or optimal strategy you fair a potential return between 100.71 and 100.77%! That is the golden ticket we have all been searching for.

Video poker is a game of skill with some very predictable outcomes. You can play all night with a strong strategy and terrible luck, and still come out a bit ahead. This is the beauty of video poker and why those who know play it.

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