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When you first decide to try your luck at video poker you realize that you have entered a special world filled with people seemingly speaking a different language. Don't worry, it is just casino lingo and is easy to overcome! Listed here are some of the most used words so no one will know you are new.

Cycle: In a progressive video poker game, a cycle is the number of hands that it will take to win that jackpot.

Expert Play: is the term used when you play by the computer-prescribed optimal strategy.

House edge: This is a term you should know no matter which game you play in the casino. The house edge is noted in a percentage and represents the casino's mathematical advantage.

RNG: is short for a Random Number Generator. All machines in the casinos or online now use computer software inside with a RNG program for deciding when the reels will stop spinning.

Pay Table: is the listing of how much you win based on your cards. Video poker is a game that you play against the pay table in that you only need to hold a hand that pays out according to that pay table. These tables are posted on the face of your video poker game and are essential to be aware of if you want to be successful.

Wild card: A wild card is one that will substitute for anything. Land on a wild card and you are on your way to a big win!

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