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Comps and VIP Video Poker

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Online casinos have brought gaming convenience to a whole new level. Video poker is one of the great options you have at virtually every online site and there are some other advantages when you play online. Online casino sites are known for all the promotional offers to grab your attention and get you in their virtual doors. With all the choices in front of you, do you know how to choose the best options?

The theory behind it all is that casinos want you to play as long as possible so they strive to keep you happy. Brick and mortar casinos are famous for their free drinks and fancy suites for high rollers. These compensations, or comps, as we call them, are floating all around you if you can reach out and grab them.

Look for the advertised comps from your casino right on their homepage. If you play a certain number of hands or money, then the casino may give you points or money in your casino account. There are also casino stores that have loads of merchandise ranging from a logo hat to high dollar electronics. Use comp money or points to buy fun stuff because getting great rewards to play video poker is a win-win situation.

VIP rewards are another great tool to get goods and money from the casino as you play. VIP in the online casino is not only for the millionaires. Join the VIP club at your online casino and in a snap you will be the first to know all the great offers for video poker events and promotions.

Using the comps and VIP rewards while you play video poker makes your experience even more fulfilling. Using casino's internal bonus structures like VIP rewards and comps pads your bankroll with the casino's money! It feels great to get a deal and be appreciated. When you utilize these offers you will play video poker happier.

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